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As a company specializing in real estate development, WOOSEOK Infra Industry Co., Ltd. is promoting overall business related to logistics warehouse and accompanying real estate development.
Through the spread of the online ordering market, the importance of logistics warehouses has been receiving great attention, and the non-contact era will accelerate further due to the recent spread of Corona 19 worldwide and the influence of the fourth industry. The current situation is expected to become a trend of the times in the future.

WOOSEOK Infra Industry Co., Ltd. is carrying out business by integrating high-value-added business into distribution warehouses based on the technology of configuring energy-saving machine rooms for refrigeration and freezing warehouses.
Accordingly, we are leading the storage supply system to efficiently store, classify and distribute goods and products, further enhancing our competitiveness in the real estate market.
Starting with the construction project manager (PM) for the first new construction of the WOOSEOK Logistics Center in Songon-ri, Icheon in August 2020, we are participating in the second new construction of the Songon-ri Infrastructure Logistics Center in October 2020.

We will maximize the added value of stakeholders such as customers, business partners, and employees. WOOSEOK Infra Industry Co., Ltd. will become an innovative leader in real estate development based on its long experience and advanced technology.

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