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WOOSEOK AM Tech Co., Ltd. has successfully completed pilot tests based on both home and commercial use through gas meter and AMI smart cold/hot water meter business in Uzbekistan for the past 10 years. It is currently in the build and run phase.

In addition, we researched and developed a software control platform through the function of detecting leaks in pipelines through the Smart Water Management System and research on information and communication network technology. WOOSEOK AM Tech’s ultrasonic cold〮hot water meter and calorimeter, equipped with a remote control module (LoRaWAN and IoT) inside the meter, holds domestic and international patents for the AMI meter reading method, and is solidifying its position as a leading metering company.

We have fully reviewed the installation conditions of domestic and foreign meters in various installation environments and proceed with remote meter reading. Through this, we are making generous investments and endless efforts to promote the efficiency of national resource management and to provide more efficient social services through R&D of technologies suitable for the fourth knowledge industry.

Construction of a factory for the production of ultra-precise ultrasonic AMI meters with ultra-precision measurement was started in the Saemangeum Industrial Complex in Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, and completed in January 2021. We are leading the domestic and overseas markets and enhancing our competitiveness by producing and supplying cold〮hot water meter and calorimeters based on the ultrasonic method from small 15mm to 300mm large diameter.

Determination to measure a drop of water and pursuit of values of Wooseok AMTech Co., Ltd. will create a beautiful earth and convenient life.

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Integrated energy management system


Advanced Metering

Integrated energy management system

WOOSEOK AM Tech Co., Ltd. develops and supplies AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) smart integrated energy management solutions such as various smart meters, communication network devices, S/W control platforms, wireless remote meter reading and AMI control systems.
WOOSEOK AMI S/W control platform aggregates and analyzes data which is remotely transmitted by smart meters. In addtion, this platform is able to send the commands to the smart meter to control the built-in shut-off valve. Likewise, WOOSEOK AMI S/W control platform is an integrated energy management system with capability for two-way communication.
The WOOSEOK AMI S/W control platform consists of an IoT communication layer, a data management layer, and an integrated application layer.

Integrated Application Layer provides the user-centered business service that includes additional services such as smart meter reading operation management, data information management, system and report management, and billing.

Data Management Layer provides necessary information for IoT platform that include cloud big data computing, database server, integrated energy management system, and backend business management system.

IoT Communication Layer implements real-time communication between smart meter and cloud data server platform that consist of Smart meter terminal equipped with wireless communication module, repeater, and communication business networks

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