A company specializing in the production of renewable energy with the aim of solving marine pollution problems.

COSMO Infra Industry

COSMO Infra Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in landfill, solid waste incineration and food treatment, renewable energy production, and aggregate recycling.
We has been working on research, development, and investment in order to fundamentally solve the disposal of marine waste that destroys the ecosystem of the sea.
Marine debris cuases many problems such as environmental pollution and disturbance of ecosystem, and it will lead the economic loss.

About 90% of marine debris is composed of plastic waste that is not able to be degraded naturally, and it is one of the major factor that poses a risk to the ecosystem.
The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) announced that as of 2014, plastic waste in the sea actually caused economic damage of up to 13 billion dollars per year in various industries such as fishing and tourism.

In addition, more than 800 tons of plastic has been inflowed into the sea every year, and it is mentioned in the 2016 World Economic Forum that the amount of plastic waste in the sea could reach about 250 million tons by 2025.

COSMO Infra Industry Co., Ltd. will become a company that “makes the planet more beautiful and more convenient” through the research and investment in marine waste disposal and renewable energy with the aim for solving marine pollution problems. In addition, we promise to grow into a social enterprise that provides solutions to our descendants by contributing to the development of the national economy by protecting the future environment and reducing economic losses.

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